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what up juggalos and juggalettes?

the twiztid concert was the best day of my life. My girl came over early and we got ready. We crammed in a car and went, and all the juggalos and juggalettes there were HOT! I met up with my old girl Liz, (you probably saw her, she was running around drunk in a black bra. :-) ) I was walking around with her saying hi to family. TELL ME IF YOU SAW ME! I probably said hi to you.

We got in, got REALLY close, and then my girl Lexi showed up!!!! And the first band was......i dont remember...but then project dead man came on, the the ROC, then ABK, the, twiztid. I got so fuckin close, i was right next to the speaker and they were right there. I fuckin went crazy when ABK came on, then even more crazy when i saw madrox and monoxide. DAMN! THey looked really good. And monoxide smiled at me. OMG, i got really overwhelmed. I almost started crying. (as you can tell, my layout is monoxide child)At one point, the place was so full of smoke i thought the place was on fire. But, everyone around me was either smoking pot or ciggrettes so that explained that.

On the way home we stopped at a gas station that you had to slip $$ through a tube, and they would get the shit for you. BUt of course, its downtown detroit, Drrr. WE went back to matts house to have the after party for his birthday. :-P Monkeyed around, :-) went home at about 2 the morning.

I feel really bad for the people that couldnt go. I had so much fun.

ANd one more thing before i go, As the music was going, the crowd was going crazy, i stopped and looked around, and was happy where i was. THe dark carnival brought me out of the life that i used to hate. I love you family SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait to go to shangri-la when i die, but until then, ill be down till im dead in the ground.

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