juggaloboy (juggaloboy) wrote in singleninjaz,

weres my clown love?

Application: huh?
Name: Matt AKA the Dragon
Lo/Lette?: :: looks between legs :: not much there but i'm a Lo
Real location: Glenn Campbell PA
Sexual preference?: Juggalettes
Age/Birthday/Zodiac?: 18, Dec 17th, if your into the zodiac thing you tell me
Favorite Jokers Card: the Great... Melinko
What you look for in another: trust, friendship and someone to talk to
Been to any Gatherings/plan on going to the next gathering?:havent been want to soooo bad
Favorite act on Physcopathic Records?: Twistid
How did you find this community?: Step dad hooked a guy up
Comments (Let yourself lose!):just really want to find someone like me thats into the same shit i am and that has mad clown love
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