lonesomelette (lonesomelette) wrote in singleninjaz,

Name: Amber/BraTT
Lo/Lette?: Wicked Lette
Real location: Eastpointe Michigan
Sexual preference?: Juggalos plz.
Age/Birthday/Zodiac?:19yrs 12/14/85 Sag
Favorite Jokers Card:Great Milenko
What you look for in another: Easygoing laid back personality, good sense of humor, gotta be down with the hydro, some wildness and a lil drip of faygo.
Been to any Gatherings/plan on going to the next gathering?: not yet but I'm going this year. WOOT WOOT
Favorite act on Physcopathic Records?: ABK's and Twiztid's
How did you find this community?: search
Comments (Let yourself lose!): "My doctor told me I was Psycho so I ate his face like I don't know."
Yeah I'm a fat kid but then again who isn't these days. I'm not the most beautiful person either but I've seen worse too. So please don't judge me by my looks, even if I don't look like my face was drug through mud.

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