Trisha (love_kills_x) wrote in singleninjaz,

Name: Trisha but you can call me pixie
Lo/Lette?: lette
Real location: Srq
Sexual preference?: Bi
Age/Birthday/Zodiac?: 15/ july 21/ cancer
Favorite Jokers Card: riddle box
What you look for in another: just someone thats real not that fake shit,  speak your damn mind,  eh i guess someone like me lol just out there and not giving a fuck what others think
Been to any Gatherings/plan on going to the next gathering?: nope but im going this year <333
Favorite act on Physcopathic Records?: Twiztid <33333
How did you find this community?: threw someones journal. i forget who thoug
Comments (Let yourself lose!): we dont die, we get highhh <3 yeah i really dont no what to say here so whatever



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